1. HDIF about visiting an arts and craft fair with you?

2. HDIF when good friends of mine move away?

3. HDIF when you do something special for another couple?

4. HDIF when an old friend of mine wants to spend time with me?

5. What happens to me when we are not accepting of each other? HDIFAT?

6. Can I find the North Star at night? HDIFAT?

7. In what way have I changed recently? HDIFAT?

8. What is the happiest moment I have had with you this week? HDIFAT?

9. HDIF about planning a weekly family outing?

10. A New Year begins tomorrow. HDIFAT?

11. HDIF when you really try to reach out and accept my emotions / feelings?

12. When was the last time we sat and watched falling stars together? HDIFAT?

13. When you say no to me in sex, I feel _____.

14. HDIF when I am hungry but cannot or do not take time to eat?

15. Do I have a good memory for names? HDIFAT?

16. What is the biggest challenge facing us this week? HDIFAT?

17. How do I fail sometimes as a good listener? HDIFAT?

18. Recently, I thought it was wrong, unreasonable, thoughtless or selfish of me to say _____. HDIFAT?

19. If I could try a new job for one day, I would try _____. HDIFAT?

20. HDIF when you neglected to share your true priorities or plans with me?

21. HDIF when I see the beauty of God’s creation? HDIFAT?

22. HDIF when you kiss me in front of other people?

23. What obstacles do I need to overcome in order to love God better? HDIFAT?

24. Am I the same inside as I appear on the outside? HDIFAT?

25. HDIF when I am aware that you have had a bad day?

26. HDIF about singing in mass or church?

27. What does it usually take to get the two of us to talk? HDIFAT?

28. What is happening in our relationship right now? HDIFAT?

29. HDIF when I hear the laughter of children?

30. How can we improve our non-verbal communication as a couple? HDIFAT?

31. HDIF about the way we spend our holidays?

32. In times of trouble, where do I go first for help and comfort: to you, to friends, or to God? HDIFAT?

33. Whose day did I brighten with a smile today? HDIFAT?

34. Do I express my emotions / feelings spontaneously? HDIFAT?

35. What power do I hold over you that may be a barrier to our relationship? HDIFAT?

36. I feel trapped because _____. HDIFAT?

37. What do I enjoy doing for the public good? HDIFAT?

38. How am I living the World’s Plan for my life? HDIFAT?

39. Forgive us our sins as we forgive other people. When I pray this, HDIF?

40. Do I listen better to you or to others? HDIFAT?

41. How do we see the priest / pastor in our lives? HDIFAT?

42. What is most threatening to my spiritual growth right now? HDIFAT?

43. What does Valentine’s Day mean to me? HDIFAT?

44. What comfort do I still remember from someone who has passed away? HDIFAT?

45. How would I react if someone called me a person of real feeling? HDIFAT?

46. In what important areas do I find it most difficult to listen to you? HDIFAT?

47. We have activities, jobs and careers. What about us? HDIFAT?

48. HDIF when our children please you?

49. HDIF when I have had a very stressful day?

50. What was our closest moment as a couple this year? HDIFAT?

51. What do I like best about us in the area of child raising? HDIFAT?

52. What do I like best about you in the area of child raising? HDIFAT?

53. What do I like least about myself in the area of child raising? HDIFAT?

54. HDIF about putting you first when our children are so demanding?

55. What change have I seen in our children since dialogue? HDIFAT?

56. How does our marriage affect other marriages around us. HDIFAT?

57. If I was about to die and could only tell you one sentence, what would it be? HDIFAT?

58. HDIF when relatives visit?

59. What is my dream for our involvement in Retrouvaille? HDIFAT?

60. HDIF when we receive a phone call from an old friend we have not talked to in a long time?

61. HDIF when I witness a marriage?

62. What are the things that bring me closer to God? HDIFAT?

63. HDIF about going somewhere for the day without planning what to do there?

64. HDIF about doing things nobody else wants to do?

65. Am I an optimist or pessamist? HDIFAT?

66. On a scale of 1-10, how would I rate our sexual relationship? HDIFAT?

67. What conditions do I sometimes place on you to be loved by me? HDIFAT?

68. In what areas do I have difficulty putting full trust in God? HDIFAT?

69. If I died with no chance to talk to you, what would I regret not saying? HDIFAT?

70. How do our children’s activities affect our relationship? HDIFAT?

71. Do I see the awareness of God alive in our children? HDIFAT?

72. HDIF about depending on you (rather than on things) for my happiness?

73. HDIF about being in our CORE Community?

74. HDIF when I buy you flowers?

75. How do I see God’s love reflected through you? HDIFAT?

76. HDIF when I am caught off-guard?

77. HDIF When we do not dialogue?

78. HDIF when we do not have time for each other?

79. Does our home reflect our values? HDIFAT?

80. How can we create the atmosphere for intimacy in our relationship? HDIFAT?